in cinemas from December 2, 2015

More than 1 million admissions in France, now in 27 countries and winner of the 2016 César for Best Documentary!

As mankind is threatened by the collapse of the ecosystems, Cyril, Mélanie, Alexandre, Laurent, Raphäel and Antoine, all in their thirties, explore the world in search of solutions that can save their children, and with them, future generations. Using the most successful experiments in every area (agriculture, energy, habitat, economy, education, democracy…) they try to put back together the puzzle which may tell a new story of the future.

Demain ?

“It’s fascinating how, as a species and as a culture, we are brilliant at imagining our own extinction. We make films about whether we’ll all be wiped out by zombies or nuclear bombs or diseases or robots or aliens or little funny Gremlins or all sorts of things… we love those! But where are the films about us actually turning something round and... solving the problem? We don’t really have those films… Human beings so ingenious and so creative, we could do extraordinary things, but for that we need to tell ourselves those stories. Having a vision, telling a story, is like throwing a whirlpool in front of you that draws you towards it.” Rob Hopkins

To tell this story, the team went to 10 countries : France and Reunion Island, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, India, Great-Britain, United States, Switzerland, Sweden and Iceland…

DEMAIN is also two books

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