Web production and animation

Sébastien Ravut - Les Marchés Citoyens

Design, production and animation management of the web communication campaign for the film.


Graphic design and website.



Because the team needed money to keep on shooting as the film began and because such a film could not have been done without the massive support of the citizens, a great crowdfunding campaign was launched on the KissKissBankBank platform from May to July 2014. The  200 000 € initial goal was, against all odds, reached in only 3 days ! This astounding rallying by an enthusiast web community eventually raised 440 000 €, which is, up to this day, the biggest fund raise on this platform.

The page http://www.kisskissbankbank.com/demain-le-film

While Cyril, Mélanie and the team were shooting on location, another team took charge of communication and interactions with the social networks campaign. This other team is :

Sébastien Ravut - Les Marchés Citoyens
designer and web communication campaign manager on KKBB, Facebook and Youtube

Anne Sophie Novel
writer, in charge of the Twitter account

Nicolas Dehorter
facilitator assistant on all networks

Charles Babinet et Adrien Aumont
KKBB contacts

Marie-Anne Gourdou
Mélanie Laurent fan club facilitator

Céline Morel et Grégory David

Public relationship at Colibris