It is a tale… About the genesis of the film and about the many places we visited during the extraordinary journey we had to go on for the shooting. The book gives an insight about the themes of the film and reveals some other initiatives. In six great chapters – Feeding Ourselves to Fight Eradication, Achieving the Energetic Transition, An Economy For Tomorrow, Reinventing Democracy, A New History of Education, Let's Get Started – Cyril Dion relates those outstanding meetings with men and women who are changing the world. Using text and pictures, this book takes us on the path of change and transition, on the path of hope and initiatives, on the track of a “running world”.

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a book by Cyril Dion
On sale on November 18th 2015
360 pages – 22 €
Actes sud


Discover the works of some players of the film in the Domaine du possible series by Actes Sud, co-run by Cyril Dion and co-published by Colibris :

Emmanuel Druon, Perrine and Charles Hervé-Gruyer, Rob Hopkins, Pierre Rabhi, Thierry Salomon, Vandana Shiva and David Van Reybrouck.