Lou and Pablo are worried : the planet is getting worse and many people are suffering. Yet, solutions do exist somewhere, don't they ? So, with their parents, they go for a trip to meet men and women who invented and started projects which improve our daily life while preserving the environment : recycling waste, investing in sources of clean energy, growing vegetables without damaging the soils, changing the way to teach the children…

When we gather our ideas and our strengths, it works  ! All those example prove it and give everyone, the old and the young alike, the will to go for it !

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A book by Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent

Graphic art : Vincent Mahé

Comes with a CD “Léo à sa fenêtre”, a story written and told by Mélanie Laurent, sung by Claire Keim.


Since 7 years old.

On sale on November 18th 2015

88 pages – 24 €

Actes Sud Junior / Editions de l'Atelier