When will the film be screened in Belgium and/or in Switzerland ?

In those two countries, the film will be released in December 2015, shortly after the French release.

And what about a screening preview abroad ?

For this to happen, the film has to be distributed in your country first.

We will keep you informed on this site and on the Facebook page about the distributions and preview screenings outside of France.

Did you take the plane for the shooting ?

No, we used toy scooter :)

Yes, we used planes, trains and cars. Which may seem contrary to our purpose. And, in a way, it is ! But, honestly, we could not fathom any other solution to visit  so many countries. We have families, other activities and we cannot spend months to reach our destinations…

Did you compensate FOR the pollution CAUSED BY your trips ?

Yes, we worked with PUR PROJET, an association founded by Tristan Lecomte. To try to balance the impact of our trips, we invested in the regeneration and the preservation of some ecosystems (reforestation agroforestation, forest conservation) in partnership with small-scale producers. 

Why are some subjects not broached ?

Showing the emergence of a new society in one hour and a half is a challenge. We had to work tremendously hard to tell a fitting story, one which is at the same time fascinating, intriguing, educational and moving. This demanded a lot of attention on our part to select the examples we were going to keep. We did not want to make a “catch-all” movie ! On the other hand, we created this Internet site, a complement to the film, which indicates movements and initiatives all around the world.

Why another film on this subject ?

It is not another film. This film has never been done. We have never seen what the world could be tomorrow (demain). And it is urgent that we see it. 


Many of you ask us about the tickets, the previews, the compensations (when will those be sent), the exchanges, etc. We will try to answer as best as we can, we know this is not always simple :)

What is the “COLIBRI's part” ?

The Colibri's part applies to Kissbankers who contributed from 10 to 150 euros. A theatre ticket for one person will be sent to your place for the film's release on December 2nd. This ticket is available in all the theatres where DEMAIN will be shown… This part is added to all the other compensations which vary depending on your contribution.

And the 'PÉLICAN' part” ?

This applies to persons who contributed from 200 to 10 000 euros. Again, this is added to all the other compensations.

The “Pélican's part” is an invitation at one of the preview screenings in the presence of the film team.

You will find on this site all the cities where those will occurr.

The time of the screening being decided at short notice, it is better to check on Allociné.

Can I come with another person ?

The Colibri's and Pélican's parts are invitations for one person only. If you wish to come with another person, you will have to book or buy another ticket on Allociné or directly at the movie theater.

I live too far from those cities, any solution ?

Many of you are asking for this, but alas we won't be able to show the film in other cities before its release. We are on the road two evenings out of three, we cannot do more.

Of course, we tried to cover the whole of France, including larger and smaller cities, with the wish to content everybody.

And if the theater does'n't know ?

Some of you have tried to directly contact the theatres and are told that this particular theatre does not know anything about invitations. This is normal, as we give them the guests list just the day before the screening, so that we don't forget anyone.

By the way, what is my compensation ?

On http://www.kisskissbankbank.com, log in with your ID and password, click on your account, then My Contributions, here you are !

And for the other compensations ?

Alas, we are late on the logbook we should have delivered by the beginning of January. Please, accept our apology, we are finalising it. It will be ready by the end of November. Moreover, you will receive the film DVD when it will be released, by the beginning of April. Thank you for your patience.

I wish to change my compensation…

For those who wish to do that, unhappily we cannot give a positive answer. We are sorry for that, but the quota for all those compensations has been determined at the start and we cannot change that.

And in case of change of address ?

For changes of address, if you have an active mail forwarding until the end of 2015, we will send you your compensations to your initial address.