Demain le film by Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent original soundtrack

Demain original soundtrack is already the fifth album of the sweet Swedish. A pop jazzy sound and oh... so sweet.

Poetic and airy, Frederika Stahl music is a moove (as we say groove), something with feeling and drive.To get an idea, just listen to Tomorrow and its bewitching chorus : it sounds like an anthem.

"Tomorrow" video

Demain original soundtrack

Sortie le 27 novembre


01. Step By Step
02. The World To Come
03. Empty Spaces
04. Planting Children
05. Map Of The World
06. Make A Change
07. Water
08. Machines
09. Pull Up Your Sleeves
10. Wind And Steam
11. Secret Garden
12. More
13. Kuthambakkam
14. Paper Bills
15. Everything
16. Fields
17. Tomorrow

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